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ESS Global has been at the forefront of revolutionising overseas education and immigration since its inception in 2013. With a widespread presence spanning various regions of the country, our 16 branches across India and three branches overseas—Australia, Canada, the Philippines, and Dubai—stand as testaments to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Regarded as trailblazers and hailed as one of the most esteemed education and visa service firms, we have dismantled misconceptions and set unprecedented benchmarks that have left the world awestruck.

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Spend your precious time in the scenic beauty of Australia’s beaches, unique wildlife and natural landscapes, which rank among the best in the globe.



Enjoy an endless and rewarding travelling experience in Canada while exploring its vastness and beauty of natural wonders.


United Kingdom

Create camera worthy moments in the United Kingdom to witness its rich culture and best scenery in the world making them most memorable and enjoyable moments

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We have five Ticks in our logo and each of the Ticks signifies deep meaning:

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With everlasting support and strong commitment our team is always indulged in working together for amazing visa success rate.
Wonderful things can merely be achieved with fabulous teamwork and these leaders are lightning up the values of ESS Global amazingly.


Frequently Asked Questions

You must consider factors, including educational standards, language requirements, cost of living, cultural diversity, safety, and employment prospects, while selecting a country to study abroad. Investigate colleges, speak with counsellors, and consider logical preferences. You can always call us, and we will handle the entire process.

Depending on the country, institution, and course you select, there can be differences in the prerequisites and qualifications needed to study abroad. However, basic requirements include a secondary education degree or equivalent, English language proficiency (often proved through standardised exams like the TOEFL, IELTS or PTE), academic records, letters of recommendation, a personal statement or essay, and a current passport. In some nations, a student visa, evidence of financial assistance, and proof of health insurance may also be necessary. Furthermore, a student must consult a reputable consultant for reliable information.

To meet all your expenses, take scholarships/grants, research student loans and distance from college, consider taking up part-time employment, save money, and ask your family for help. You can also raise funds from family, look for internships and work-study programmes, and research financial aid and exchange programmes to pay for your education and living expenses abroad. To effectively pay for expenses, prepare in advance, investigate your possibilities, and take into account a variety of financial sources.

Each country has its own set of rules regarding visas for students. In general, you'll require a current passport, a letter of acceptance, financial records, proof of health insurance, evidence of language ability in some countries, pictures, and fully filled-out application papers. For precise information, check the country's regulations in detail and speak with their embassy or consulate. Start early and stick closely to the rules. You can also fill out a form on our website with your basic details, and we will call you to expedite the process.

There are so many options for accommodation available for students studying abroad. They include on-campus residence halls or student housing, off-campus apartments or shared rentals, homestays with local families, private hostels, or boarding houses. When choosing accommodation, you must also consider factors like cost, location, facilities, and personal preferences.

As an international student, you may encounter some challenges, such as homesickness, adjusting to a new educational system, making friends, and managing time and funds. However, these difficulties can be resolved with proper guidance from a career counsellor, resiliency, and welcoming new experiences. Additionally, students should remain resolute in their commitment to their studies and refrain from quitting their educational pursuits under any circumstances. At ESS Global, we are committed to your success every step of the way. Our personalised approach includes assigning you a dedicated mentor who will support you throughout your entire journey and beyond.

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